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Halloween Console Table

Halloween has officially arrived at the Fleming house… at least in the front half. The console table in my entryway is finally put together and I think it turned out fabulous.

Returning readers know that us frugal Bella Girls try to use the Dollar Store and Thrift Store as much as possible when decorating for holidays. (The exception sometimes being Debs… girl has got some drool-worthy decorations)

I finally got around to snapping some photos and thought it would be fun to break down the costs for my console decor.

Side note: Please excuse the lighting in the photos, I had to open the front door so I could actually see what I was photographing. I am still trying to figure out this whole camera thing.

Dollar Store Purchases

1 Vase (this was actually purchased 6 months ago) = $1

1 Mummy Wrap Table Runner = $1

2 Tombstones= $2

2 Skull Bowls 2 @ $.50 each= $1

2 Skeleton Garlands each consisting of 6 men = $2

10 Glitter Skeleton Heads (I splurged) = $10

Thrift Store Purchases

1 Wood Lantern = $5

1 Emily Dickinson Poetry Book = $.99


1 Purple Bowl= $2

Previously Owned

Mirror (which I might add appears to be a little too high on my wall)

Witch Hat

Trick or Treat Blocks

Twig Branches

Vintage Window

Trunk Risers

Metal Basket

Twix Candybars


That’s a lot of money for someone who rarely allows people over to her house and who will take down the decor at 12:01 am All Hallows Eve. Sigh.


  • October 12, 2010 - 4:37 pm

    Alexa - Cute Ky! I mean SCARY!! BTW I am loving that mirror! Where did you make that fabulous purchase?

  • October 28, 2010 - 4:07 pm

    Coasting anon - Loved this inspiration…especially since I haven’t gotten myself in gear yet to do any decorating for Halloween!! So I posted about this over at Flor’s design blog, Musings, here:

    Thanks for the great ideas!!

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